Our History

Hope Fellowship Church is a congregation of approximately 600 persons located in the heart of Daytona Beach, Florida.


  • June 12, 1995: The Lord spoke into the spirit of Pastor Derek T. Triplett, telling him in a season of great turmoil and trauma to “Give the people some hope.”
  • June 25, 1995: Hope Fellowship Full Gospel Baptist Church is born. Inaugural worship service held at 1734 State Avenue, Holly Hill, Florida.Ministry excellence was evident despite worshiping in a converted warehouse. Everything was in place: ushers serving on the doors and the choir singing an original Derek Triplett composition entitled “We Win.”  Pastor Triplett preached a sermon “People of the Promise” from Joshua, Chapter 1, verses 1-9. Membership consisted of over 120 members and increased greatly both numerically and in kingdom impact.  The year culminated with the Hope Fellowship Celebration Gala, a most elegant event.
  • Faithful parishioners actively engaged in outreach and community service.  Radio ministry, “In the Word” with Pastor Derek T. Triplett heard twice on weekdays on Christian radio station WAPN 91.5 FM. Various members of the Family of Hope, including Fred Joe, Shawn Kim Gillard, LeShaunda Twomey, and Pastor Triplett, would also host weekend Gospel music shows on the same station.
  • Affiliated with Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship for over 10 years.


  • November: Pastor Triplett was consecrated to the sacred office of Bishop in the Lord’s church by the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, of which Bishop Paul S. Morton is the Presiding Prelate.
  • Hope Fellowship released its debut music recording “Yes, There is Hope”.  Music from this album reflected the essence of Hope’s worship experience from 1995-1998 as well as testified of the journey of both pastor and people from the church’s birth.


  • Spring: Hope Fellowship Full Gospel Baptist Church, Inc. changed its legal name to Hope Fellowship Church, Inc. fulfilling a dimension of the original vision which was to eliminate denominational barriers for the ministry.
  • Hope purchased and renovated its present edifice located at 869 Derbyshire Road.
  • The purchase price was $500,000 and the Family of Hope completed the $125,000 renovation in 30 days.
  • June 19, 1999: The Family of Hope cut the ribbon on its new home.
  • June 20, 1999: The first services were held.
  • Each week the community looked forward to the Sunday services, which were held at 7:30 am (Morning Glory), 9:30 am (Power Hour), and 11:00 am (High Praise).
  • Television Broadcasts begin:
    — WACX-TBN -SkyAngel Network on Tuesdays from 4:00 pm
    — WACX-TV (Superchannel 55) on Tuesday 5:30 pm
    — Dream Network-SkyAngel Channel 9714 Wednesday 5:30 am and 12:30 pm


  • Annual community festival, ‘Derbyshire Day’ to bring together community residents, and political leaders to inform and unify the Derbyshire area.
  • August: Preparing the community’s children to be ready for the upcoming school terms.  HFC’s Back to School Bash distributes school supplies, a party honoring children, and words of wisdom from the pastor and staff concerning their future- a heart of the ministry that continues to push them forward.


  • April: Quarterly newsletter, The Hope Herald highlighted “What’s Wrong with Relationships?” starting publication.
  • Higher Ground Tape Ministries begins with 6-part tape series which was offered through.
  • Hope has been intentional about its community visibility.  Throughout the years, HFC expanded its services to  different area locations within the community
  • Services in the Daytona Beach Ocean Center
  • Services held in the Bethune-Cookman University Gymnasium
  • Service held at Mainland and Atlantic High Schools
  • Daisy Stocking Park for tent revivals to share the message of Hope and the Gospel of Christ to the community.


  • Hope has also touched the community through the fine arts.  Expressions began in 2004 under the leadership of Minister Lillian Tinsley, Mr. Ernest    Hamilton, and Ms. Laura Cornelius.  He now serves as their signal leader.
  • Expressions Performing Arts Ministry conveys the timeless messages of the gospel to religiously mixed audiences during their production seasons.
  • Their Christmas, Black History, and Easter productions left audiences speechless and awestricken by both the talent and the depth of their spiritual ministry.
  • Hope Fellowship Church survived two major hurricanes, Charlie and Frances.  Although the building sustained some damage, the people were inspired to come together for worship almost immediately after each storm, even without electricity on the main campus.  The people told Pastor Triplett, “Storm or no storm…We still gotta have church!”  Hope and its people are special, and have stood out as a pillar in the Daytona Beach community.


  • March: The Family of Hope forged a new partnership with the Workforce Development Board/One Stop Career Centers for Flagler and Volusia counties.
  • A mini career link was established on the Hope campus to provide a convenient location for neighborhood residents and Hope members to search for jobs and increase their employability through building resumes and other needed skills.
  • In an effort to continue reaching youth, the Alexis Center was established in 2005 as well.
  • The late Alexis Williams, daughter of Deacon Lexie and Pastor Piper Williams, is honored for her tireless efforts with children, youth, and young adults within Hope Fellowship Church and the community.
  • The center named in her honor was unveiled with a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony and served as a hub for various youth and adult activities, youth worship services, the Hope Poetry Jam, and performing arts clinics.


  • In November 2006, the music ministry of Bishop Triplett and Hope burst forth with their sophomore project.
  • Derek Triplett featuring the Hope Fellowship Chorale, “Praise You With My Life”, was recorded live at Hope with special guest artists such as Pastor AJ Wright, Pastor Wendy Smith, Kim McFarland, and Tedd Winn.
  • The project would be released independently in the Spring of 2008.


  • Over the years, to date, 37 ministers have been licensed to preach the gospel and 13 elders have been ordained under the auspices of Hope Fellowship Church.
  • Hope’s reach is extended throughout Florida and other regions in the country through Bishop Triplett’s pastoring sons and daughters,
  • Bishop Jacqueline Gordon – Shiloh Christian Center, Melbourne, FL;
  • Pastor Charles Hall – Liberty Grace Christian Church, Baltimore, MD;
  • Pastor Derrick Jackson – Dominion Fellowship Church, Palm Coast, FL;
  • Pastor Kelvin Lumpkin – Light of the World International Church, Sarasota, FL;
  • Executive Pastor KB Taylor – The Foundation of New Life, Miami Gardens, FL.
  • Fulfilling its apostolic charge, as a part of the mission and vision of Hope Fellowship Church planted Dominion Fellowship Church and Pastor Derrick Jackson was selected to lead the new congregation.
  • Building on his love for God, Pastor Jackson used the teaching that he received over the years from Bishop Triplett to change the lives of the people residing in the Flagler community.
  • In addition to the planting of Dominion Fellowship Church, the ministry of Hope Fellowship Church has planted two other ministries: Great Change Fellowship Church

In July 2015, Bishop Triplett announced to the Family of Hope that God had called him to move beyond his assignment as Senior Pastor to fulfill his apostolic kingdom mandate to oversee ministries and ministers, provide strategic consultation services for local congregations, and other ministry exploits as author, relationship coach, and tv/radio personality.  In May 2016, he announced to the congregation that their newly appointed Senior Pastor would be his spiritual son Pastor John Paul McGee, Pastor of Worship at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Pastor McGee assumed the pastorate of Hope Fellowship Church in August 2016 and the church has continued to grow spiritually and numerically.

Not only do our ministries serve the parishioners within our body, but also share God’s love outside the walls, causing Hope to be known as an innovative, involved, and relevant church.  Today, Hope is a ministry redefining and retooling itself to get increased kingdom impact.  Pastor McGee along with our motivated church family stand poised to lead Hope Fellowship Church to greater impact, showing the world that…

“Yes, There is Hope.”

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