Ministry Descriptions

New Generation Youth Ministry is a young, innovative, and energetic group of teens who‘s main objective and focus is to become disciples of Christ. New G is comprised of teenagers between the ages of 13-18 (Grades 7-12). This ministry meets every week on Wednesday Nights for Youth Bible Study as well as other ministry trips, activities, and projects. 

Hope Kidz Children’s Ministry is for the rising stars of the Family of Hope. These little ones are passionate boys and girls who’s main desire is to learn about and be like Christ. Hope Kidz are empowered every week through their bible and weekly Sunday worship. This ministry is comprised of children ages 4-12. Parents, you can enjoy the full worship experience. All you have to do is leave the kids with us.
Meeting Times: Tuesday – 7:00 PM | Sunday – 11:00 AM
Pastor Piper Williams, Lead Servant  

Senior Saints Ministry is the jewel of our ministry. We strive to promote the discipleship, fellowship, worship and service of  members 60 years and above within the church. We aim to provide valuable information regarding health and political issues to the Derbyshire neighborhood and extend to the Daytona Beach community at large.
Meeting Times: 2nd Thursdays – 11:30 AM
Mother Mamie Taylor, Lead Servant

Married Couples Ministry seeks to strengthen and encourage couples in full-time ministry and to build stronger marriages. We do this by teaching the importance of a balanced marriages through the Word of God by bringing awareness to married couples concerning their covenant to God and each other. This ministry is for all Married Couples from 0-50 years of marriage interested in building a God-centric foundation for marriage. (Matt. 7:24)
Meeting Times: 4th Tuesdays – 6:30 PM
Deacon John & Sister Dianne Brown, Lead Servants 

Women of Hope seeks to continually edify and empower the women of our ministry to be able to live life Greatly, Godly, Gracefully, Growing, and Generationally. We empower our ladies through: Biblical and Spiritual Empowerment, Social Events and Awareness, and Business/Professional Development.
Sister Jacqueline Butler, Lead Servant 

Men of Hope provides encouragement and opportunities for men to grow into a life of faithful discipleship through fellowship, prayer, study and service. Our Senior Pastor’s mandate for our ministry is to ensure that MEN take the lead in our ministry. Our men are encouraged to stand on the front line in every area of life.
Brother Scottie Miller, Lead Servant 

Evangelism Ministry The Evangelism Ministry of HFC offers a comprehensive ministry strategy for winning unbelievers to Christ through church-wide training and development, as well as recruitment of gift-specific evangelism teams.  The Evangelism Ministry helps all believers take advantage of opportunities to make known the message of the gospel to the unsaved.
Pastor Karen Pierce, Lead Servant 

Family of Hope Ministry is designed to help drive home the ultimate goal of the ministry to make disciples. This is done by assisting new members in developing a sense of belonging and to help current members maintain that sense of belonging. The staff assists new members in identifying spiritual gifts, commitment to financial wellness, ministry involvement, continuing discipleship, and understanding salvation.
Meeting Times: Family of Hope Orientation – Sundays – 10:00 AM
Elder Teresa Battle, Lead Servant

Guest Services Ministry encourages guests to seek the Lord in every area of their lives. We are here to lend a listening ear and give words of encouragement with prayer, when requested. Our desire is to make the overall worship experience at the ‘Tabernacle of Hope’ pleasant as they experience the anointing. Our focus is to gently encourage them to prayerfully consider making Hope Fellowship Church their home church. Our guests are greeted with a warm smile and given a special thank you gift after each worship service. With every handshake, smile, and hug an atmosphere of warm fellowship is created.
Minister Seneka Arrington, Lead Servant

Music Ministry serves the purposes of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encouraging believers in their walk with Christ, leading the congregation in worship and providing an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of the worship experience. The Music Ministry spreads the Word of God through musical expressions. The divisions of the Music Ministry of HFC are as follows:

Hope Band – Instrumentalists consisting of keys, organ, bass, drums, and horns. Musicians are encouraged to become a part of this ministry.

Sounds of Hope – This choir is the main choir of our ministry. Comprised of ages 16 and up, this choir maintains the integrity of gospel music through many styles of worship. The choir ministers twice a month and at any special events or solemn assemblies called by the Senior Pastor. (Rehearsal – Every Thursday at 7:30 PM)

Praise Team – This ensemble encourages each individual in the body of Christ to make “His” praise glorious by leading the congregation in a time of corporate praise. Worship is taken seriously and these individuals serve as an example of worshipers. (Rehearsal – Every Thursday at 6:00 PM *By audition Only)

Children’s Choir – The Children’s Choir consists of ages 4-12 and is a branch of our Children’s Ministry. They minister once a month in our 11:00 AM Worship Service.

Altamont Coley, Music Director 
James Hines, Director of Music Ministry

Media Ministry is the technical branch of our ministry. These men and women are committed to making sure that all technical aspects of our worship service are of the best quality. These men and women serve in different capacities: Screen Support (Main Operating Screen in Sanctuary), Online Stream, Camera Operators, etc.

Expressions Dance Ministry Presently, Expressions Dance Ministry is a ministry geared for all ages! Our mission is to minister the gospel through the visual arts (drama and dance) in the church and community, to save souls, heal the broken, win the lost, build up the believer, and equip the worker, to make disciples and good stewards in honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Nicole Hamilton, Lead Servant 

Ushers Ministry assists members and visitors in finding seating in the sanctuary and overflow rooms. They control the traffic flow in/out of the sanctuary, support pastoral staff and leadership during the course of services, such as distributing handouts, delivering messages, etc. Ushers work in conjunction with the Deacons to maintain reverence in the sanctuary worship areas and lobby.
Helen Azama, Lead Servant 

Parking Attendants are stationed on the grounds of the Tabernacle to ensure that there are no fatalities on the premises. They control the flow of traffic in and out of the Tabernacle grounds and they assist with any special parking and any other precautions. They are also on the grounds to ensure the safety and security of our parishioners.

Hospitality Ministry sets the tone and atmosphere at the doors and on the floor that represents the vision of this house to impact the people that come to HFC in a way that will bring salvation, hope, and revitalization to expand the kingdom of God.
Rhonda McCloud, Lead Servant

Transportation Ministry endeavors to supply reliable and safe transportation to and from worship services and other church related functions as needed. The transportation ministry provides services to members and non-members alike who have a desire to attend any of our worship services. For Transportation please call: 386-226-1122 ext. 401.
Deacon Anthony Hines, Lead Servant 

Nursery is available for any parents with small children (infants to 2 years old). We believe that the worship experience is vitally important therefore our staff is on hand to assist parents with their children so that they are free to be impacted by the worship experience. Nursery is available at all of our Worship Services.

Restoring Hope, Inc. is a subsidiary of Hope Fellowship Church that is built to empower the total person. This organization focuses on community development and empowerment through various programs ranging from Male Empowerment to Adult Education and much more.

Guest Relations serves the VIP Guests that visit our ministry. It is vitally important that our guests are taken care of with excellence. Guest Relations is facilitated through the Office of the Senior Pastor. For more information please call 386-226-1122 ext. 311.

Financial Wellness Ministry is designed to challenge and empower the disciples in the area of fiscal stewardship. The financial wellness ministry serves the Family of Hope through study sessions, courses, seminars, and other empowerment tools.

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